Not ready for an Original? How about a Giclee Print?

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What is a Giclee?

A giclee print is a high quality, archival reproduction art print. This is the process in which I reproduce my original artwork. Giclee prints offer both artists and collectors a number of benefits. Giclees are more cost intensive to reproduce than bulk prints made using traditional lithography.  Pricing of the giclees is reflective of the labor intensive process.  I produce them one at a time, not in scores or in bulk.  I have 18 years of experience with reproducing my artwork into giclee prints.. My main emphasis is on quality.


Where did the Term Giclee Come From?

In 1991 Jack Duganne was using a new printing technique when he coined the phrase Giclee meaning (ink Jet Nozzle) in French. A giclee print is, in fact, an ink jet from a computer scan.

original painting, people on beach, sunset, guitars, dragon
Dragon Sighting

Determining Value in a Giclee

Quality is the first thing to look for when buying a giclee.  The inks used in my giclee prints are museum archival quality and rated to last at least 100 years. I ensure that the canvas is of the best quality as well. Working hand in hand with the printer, we go through a proofing process to ensure the best possible representation of the original painting.


My giclee prints have two signatures, the first signature is from the original painting. After it is printed, I sign the giclee again and number it, to create a valuable special edition print.  All this together will make a collectable piece of fine art to last a few lifetimes.   Myself and many of the other artists at Soft Water Studios  use giclees so our patrons can enjoy our original work at a much lower cost. Size is the determining factor when purchasing my giclee prints.  If there is a painting you like and you are not ready to purchase the original, a giclee would be the perfect solution. Also, giclee prints are available of my original paintings that have already been sold.


All of the work in my gallery is available in giclee prints.  For provenance, (record of ownership), get a Pic of the giclee and the artist together.



Please contact me for more information about purchasing giclee prints.




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