'Don Cesar' - View 1'Don Cesar' - View 2'Don Cesar' - View 3'Don Cesar' - View 4

One evening in 2008 I created four paintings in one canvas….

It was the unexpected blessing of a traumatic and dramatic experience – the devastation by fire (arson) that consumed my home, my studio, and over 30 years of my work.I emerged with only the clothes on my back and – after a brief period of coming to grips with all that was lost – the desire to paint again.

And paint I did, but what emerged was subtly different from what had come before.

What came from my brush was not just one painting on an easel….

…but four.

You see I was cleaning my palette onto a fresh canvas after a day’s painting, turning it as I did – a process I’d coined as ‘ Spinning’ art many years earlier.

I let my mind flow free and painted without structured thought or reservation… my subconscious guided my brush, painting without restraint or caution!

And then when I turned the painting, with each turn I experienced many images of interest and impressions or fantasies or hard truth. It was not simply an abstract, nor just an impression, nor surreal… it was ethereal embracing all the latter into abstract.

Was the Universe trying to make up for what burned in thr fore by giving me FOUR paintings at a time?

I don’t know the answer, but what I do know is that Quads always will tell a Story to its viewer, some obvious, some personal. And the story can be different for each viewer to experience.

That is the magic of Quads.

Quads will open your mind to a new art experience. My quads will let you be entertained for eternity and let art become a personal experience all you own. Imagery – figurative, architectural organic and ethereal – all create images in living color for your imagination to explode.

Look at a Quad an then turn and turn again…and you’ll find four ever-changing pieces of art, each one signed and executed to be it’s own work.

A Story Quad will tell many stories but some will unfold in an seemingly obvious way as in the “Don Cesar” painting above.

First find the slave girl with hands tied behind her back.

Turn counter-clockwise and see the Men who enslaved her.

Turn again and find the man who rescued her and his flying Dog.

Lastly turn and he is reading poetry to her at the Don Cesar!

Some Quads have their immediate story and it may change, perhaps it will become prophetic for the artist or the purchaser. Since Quads are new to the world many stories are yet to be told.

I invite you to come on in and experience the magic of my Quads. See you in the gallery!