A dark musical piece with A hidden Nude Muse, Jay Patton Nashville musician spreads his musical notes through the painting.  Jay was the Sax for Art For Ears the original Band of mine in Nashville.

  • TITLE: Jay Patton Black Sax
  • ART TYPE: Other Art
  • MEDIUM: Casein Oil Canvas
  • SIZE: 39x40

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  1. Linda Themm
    | Reply

    I have a signed and numbered black/white print of Black Sax (132/170), and I am seeking the value. Can you assist? Thank you.

    • The-Quadfather
      | Reply

      the majority of Black Sax prints were burned in a fire in 2008 I have the last remaining one I would value it at 1,200. I am very active at soft water studios in St Pete Florida. I wouldn’t sell mine for any price.

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