The Journey

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I am an Artist in my 60’s, who has been building a body of work for some 40 years in the realms of both Art and Music. As an Artist I have always loved nature, people, horses, and the surreal. … Read More

the Art WAVE

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An art wave does not move the viewer only the art wave, an art wave is a force separate from the viewer,the viewer like water, simply is affected then resumes being a viewer, not moved.  Art will occur and become great, not … Read More

Art is Dead

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‘Art is Dead.’  A common theme that seemed to gain traction in the late 60’s, kinda like song writers saying there are no new songs to write.  It is, of course, bullcrap!  When all the different periods of art had … Read More

Story Quads

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A Story Quad will tell many stories but some will unfold in an seemingly obvious way as in the “Don Cesar”. Turn to the left and find the slave girl with hands tied behind her back. Turn again and see … Read More


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Welcome to quads, created in 2008 When one evening I created four paintings in one canvas. Quads will open your mind to a new art experience. My quads will let you be entertained for eternity and let art become a … Read More

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